Who Are We?

spotlegal® is an ambitious family-owned company offering tailor-made legal services for technology and online entrepreneurs.

Our leading online platform was created with speed and efficiency in mind giving easy access to highly skilled legal advice and support in a record time.

Our services are created to support every ambitious entrepreneur in achieving their goals and dealing powerfully with any challenges in their business.

Integrity, work ethic and impeccable care for our clients are the most important values behind our business

Our Founder

Olivia Marcu-Iordanescu is an attorney-at-law known for leading strategic investment projects and corporate portfolios for 15+ years. She is specialized in Digital & Technology Law and 8+ Figure High-Performing Multi-Preneurs have sought her help to:

  • Streamline Their Legal Processes To Support Their Business’ Growth
  • Get 8+ Figure Funding For Their Business or Project
  • Monetize Their Legal Assets
  • Overcome Regulatory & Compliance Hurdles
  • Timely Accomplish Their Business Projects or KPIs
  • Find The Proper Balance Between Business And Legal.

Before starting spotlegal® she worked as in-house legal counsel for various multinational corporations in the sports betting, media, retail, real estate and energy industries.

She has an LL.M. in International and European Law from the Universiteit van Amsterdam, Amsterdam Law School, The Netherlands

She is qualified in Bucharest, Romania and a member of the Rechtsanwaltskammer Zweibrücken, Germany.

What Is Our Mission?

Our mission is supporting entrepreneurs just like you through our legal services.

Streamline Your Legal Processes

There are a myriad of legal requirements when you start or even run an online business. In the absence of a clear and simple plan to manage your legal processes, you may feel overwhelmed and even annoyed, wasting your precious time on such things. So, you either ignore it, toss it aside for now, or you pay consultants who already have experience in your industry. Both come at a cost: the first, in sanctions or damages for non-compliance, and infringement, respectively. The second, in fees.

If nothing changes in this area of your business, you will continue to lack clarity, feel out of control and fear the potential legal risks that you are exposed to.

By streamlining your legal processes, what becomes possible for you in your business is to focus on your product, and unleash your creativity. Book a Free Legal Strategy Session with us to unleash your creativity!

Get The 8 Figures Funding To Grow Your Business

An online services business is not financeable by credit institutions because it doesn’t own property. It’s not brick & mortar. So, your only source of funds are your actual clients.

If nothing alters in this area of your business, you will continue to put in hours of nurturing communities to get leads, continue doing (free) trainings, provide tons of (free) value, show up (for free or by paying yourself to be featured) in podcasts or events, spend money on adds. 

Getting 8 figure + funding sets you on a fast track for growth. Whether it’s an investment for a great idea you want to develop, a partnership you’ve been dreaming to create, a tool you would like to invest in for your product or business, developing a software, etc.  It’s not about getting the money. It’s about what you can do with it. 

By being fundable, what becomes possible for your business is making your mark. Can you take a moment and imagine right now, what would be possible, if you had that funding in your business? Capture it, by writing it down, and then book a Free Legal Strategy Session with us to make your mark!

At spotlegal® we nurture online entrepreneurs’ creativity, growth and collaboration within their online communities by streamlining your legal processes and helping you get 8+ figure funding for your project.