Coaching Grower Bundle

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Order today this legal templates bundle especially created for coaches. Discover our coaching bundle with 11 legal templates, such as: agreements, terms of use, marketing policies and so much more!

Coaching Grower Bundle: Your Complete Legal Toolkit for Coaching Services

Are you a dedicated coach looking to cultivate your coaching practice with a solid legal foundation? Look no further than the Coaching Grower Bundle – a comprehensive collection of 11 meticulously crafted legal templates and contracts designed to nurture your coaching business and safeguard your professional relationships.

Developed by legal expert Olivia Marcu Iordanescu, each template within this bundle is a masterpiece of clarity, protection, and professionalism. Whether you provide 1-on-1 coaching or engage in group coaching sessions, our Coaching Services Agreements have you covered. These documents outline the terms, expectations, and responsibilities for both you and your clients, fostering a clear understanding from the start.

The bundle contains 11 documents
– 1-on-1 Coaching Services Agreement
– Group Coaching Services Agreement
– Associate Coach Agreement
– Independent Contractor Agreement
– Fee Change Addendum
– Term Extension Addendum
– Terms of Use
– Privacy Notice
– Cookie Policy
– Marketing Consent/OPT-IN BOX
– Data Processing Agreement Controller-Processor

The Coaching Grower Bundle includes essential legal documents to keep your digital interactions compliant and secure. From your website’s Terms of Use to your Privacy Notice and Cookie Policy, you can build trust with your clients by demonstrating your commitment to their data privacy and security.

Knowing that your legal framework is rock-solid is so much better for business! Access these invaluable templates today on and empower your coaching journey like never before!



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