How To Recover Your Money Without Lengthy Court Proceedings?

How To Recover Your Money Without Lengthy Court Proceedings?

By Olivia Marcu Iordanescu, International Attorney

Hello entrepreneurs, my name is Olivia Marcu Iordanescu, an international attorney with extensive experience in assisting high-performing entrepreneurs to streamline their legal processes. Today, I want to share an invaluable legal hack for those of you seeking to recover your money from clients without enduring the hassles and expenses of lengthy court procedures.

Watch Attorney Olivia Marcu Iordanescu’s insightful video guide on how to effortlessly recover international debts through the European Order for Payment, sidestepping lengthy court procedures and saving time and resources.

The Challenge

As an entrepreneur, you might have faced the frustrating situation where a client, particularly one based in a different country, has not paid their dues. The frustration compounds when you’re unfamiliar with the legal system of the client’s country and lack local contacts. Even though you might have attempted to resolve the situation amicably, the client continues to stall.

The Solution: European Order for Payment (EOP)

I have great news for entrepreneurs with clients in the European Union (EU). If you have an unpaid invoice or contract where:

  • The payment is overdue,
  • You have documented evidence (e.g., contract or written communication), and
  • Either you or the defaulting client is domiciled or habitually resides in an EU member state,

you can apply for a European Order for Payment (EOP).

The EOP is a standardized form and court procedure, specifically designed to be swift. When these requirements are met, the court issues an EOP against the defaulting client within 30 days of the application. Moreover, the court ensures that the order is served to the client, who then has 30 days to oppose it.

If the client does not lodge any opposition, the court declares the EOP enforceable without necessitating further procedures in other member states. This is a game-changer since you won’t need to hire multiple attorneys, bailiffs, notaries, or translators. The costs for the EOP procedure are determined by the national court competent with the claim.

The EOP doesn’t preclude you from bringing a claim before a national court. However, it is designed to simplify, speed up, and reduce the cost of litigation in cross-border cases.

European Small Claims Procedure

Additionally, if your claim is up to 5,000 euros, you can opt for the European Small Claims Procedure, which is a similar streamlined process designed for smaller amounts.

Next Steps

If this solution sounds like it could address your problem, I invite you to reach out to me for a free legal strategy session. My experience and expertise in international law can help you navigate these procedures efficiently.

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Ensure that your entrepreneurial journey is not hindered by unpaid invoices and complex legal systems. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to recover your funds smoothly and expediently.

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