Become a Digital & Technology Market Leader with our spotlegal® Plans

Grow your business without the overwhelm of fast-paced regulations, and get ahead by streamlining your legal operations

Our spotlegal® Plans are designed for

  • Technology founders, in idea or growth stage
  • Digital marketers or offline businesses looking to develop multi-channel revenue streams
  • Bold business leaders committed to grow or scale with velocity and efficiency
  • Entrepreneurs looking for the right combination of private 1-to-1 legal consultations with a dedicated qualified attorney-at-law, group office hours & Done-With-You legal solutions, but also Done-For-You legal templates that their team can use immediately
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises based in or targeting European markets
  • Day-to-day legal advice, support and review of contracts, intellectual property rights, GDPR & privacy issues
  • All business owners who are looking for flexibility, transparency and reliability of their legal budget & costs

If your business plans are delayed and you’re frustrated by lack of progress because you are lacking essential information on key legal aspects that have direct impact on how you build your technology or digital product or services offering 


If you are overwhelmed with the amount of free templates and information available online and simply want to be able to rely on solid legal advice 


Or, you lack any legal support or network to help you grow internationally, the connections, the know-how on how to pick the right legal experts for your business 


I want you to know: it’s not you! It’s the state of current legal affairs! You’ll either find high fee law firms (that you can’t afford), or free templates and low cost automations (that you can’t trust) – either way, you are stuck! But you are in the right place and this is about to change for you now! 

“Before working with Olivia, I struggled so much with legal teams and time to market delays. I thought that this is the way large corporations work and had accepted losing time and momentum as normal. After using Olivia’s services, I experienced smart and fast opinions and legal counsel and business logic mixed with excellent legal approach, while keeping it as simple as possible. I felt she had my back and the business was covered from a legal point of view! Hiring Olivia is an absolute no-brainer if you are struggling to get your product to market fast and don’t want to have legal bottlenecks!”

To become a market leader,

you need to ditch the second-guessing, “hot potato”, quick-fix & freebie modus operandi and stop delegating the legal aspects of your business to non-qualified non-expert (yet trustworthy) filled-with good intentions people and adopt business-legal aligned strategy, expert legal advice, highly qualified legal support, tailored legal solutions and streamline your legal operations

Introducing the spotlegal® Plans


  • Stay ahead of new legislation applicable to your business, pro-actively prepare for compliance obligations and implement the right processes, policies & procedures adapted to your strategy and growth stage 
  • Deal powerfully with multijurisdictional and cross-border challenges when preparing your go-to-market & expansion 
  • Private one-to-one legal & business advisory for you & your leadership team 
  • Live co-working/office hours that you & your operational team can join in and get things done 
  • Digital marketing compliance checks 
  • Access to a team of qualified attorneys-at-law & legal operations experts, with International and European law expertise & experience 
  • Membership in our spotlegal Ecosystem of like-minded business leaders with bold world-transforming visions & missions 
  • Fixed, transparent & predictable legal costs 
  • Flexible, subscription-based, cancel-any-time service 
  • On-demand & a-la-carte additional legal advice & support at preferred members-only available rates (from transactions & fundraising, trademark, design & patent registrations to dispute resolution and other legal project management requests) 

Main Outcomes

  • Integrity for your business: laying a strong legal foundation that allows you to build a strong brand and establish yourself as a market leader 
  • Clarity for you & your leadership team: building a great product & creating a strong business development strategy 
  • Confidence for your operations team: that all their actions are compliant with laws, rules & regulations and that they’s always ahead of new requirements so they can pro-actively plan & organize  
  • Peace of Mind for your CFO: that you are not spending a fortune on legal fees, but rather investing in the right legal protection at any given time in your business growth 
  • Freedom for you as a founder and business owner, to rid yourself of the legal risk management burden, and focus on your big vision & mission, on what interests & matters to you 

What clients say

Be a badass business owner, who invests in the right stuff for their business!

I needed contracts for my corporate and private clients, team members, social media contracts, data protection agreements, website & cookie policies, professional liability insurance. Olivia helped me negotiate with my corporate client and create the right legal processes for my business. She has quickly gained my trust, as my legal advisor and now I and my business are legally protected, and I feel assured that I have competent and trusted legal advice at reach. Working with Olivia is an absolute no-brainer if you are a business owner or corporation, and want peace of mind, security and confidence!
“Having Olivia by my side? I was relieved that the legal side of the business is finally in good hands!

Within as little as 6 months she and her team were up to speed with everything in our business, and what was once a long never-ending list of legal issues became almost non-existent. She was a part of the integration team that had the task to make the business transition as smooth as possible. Before hiring her, we used outside counsel only for litigation. Hiring her did not just provide efficient on-going legal support, but she also implemented fast solutions in the middle of a critical period for the business. She helped us stabilize and integrate a newly purchased company, which opened the doors for a fast integration to the rest of the group. When it comes to International business development, you want to have someone like Olivia by your side: someone who has an objective legal opinion, even though it’s not the most comfortable.”
For Peace Of Mind Hire Olivia!

Olivia is knowledgeable, reliable and friendly. A true professional! We wanted to launch our clothing brand and we didn’t want to spend time going over the trademark application. Olivia answered all our questions, and we were confident that the application would be done right. We did not expect to run into problems. If we were to run into problems, we were confident that Olivia would solve them on our behalf. If solving those problems would have been impossible, we knew that she would have provided us with an explanation as to why the application was rejected. Today we have peace of mind, knowing that our brand name and logo are protected by registered trademark.


regular trainings, our best templates for contracts & other forms, policies, operational workflows, consistently updated, improved & delivered to you through our platform to keep you ahead of regulations and on the edge of legal innovation 

Speed, efficiency & impeccable client experience are our core values and what we constantly strive for

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*You may upgrade or cancel your plan at any time with a 30-day notice.

**Prior to joining, all new clients must clear mandatory law checks.

***All spotlegal® Plans exclude third party and Government fees.

****Additional projects, customizations, strategy sessions may be added upon request and approval, on an as-needed basis, subject to additional applicable fees.

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How it works

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Hi! I'm Olivia, the Business Leaders' Legal Partner!

I am known for leading strategic investment projects and portfolios for 17 years. I specialize in Digital & Technology Law, and 8+ Figure High-Performing Multipreneurs have sought my legal advice to: 

  • Streamline Their Legal Processes To Support Their Business’ Growth 
  • Get 8+ Figure Funding For Their Business or Project 
  • Monetize Their Legal Assets 
  • Overcome Regulatory & Compliance Hurdles 
  • Timely Accomplish Their Business Projects or KPIs 
  • Find The Proper Balance Between Business And Legal, while Integrating Innovative Technology & Digital Solutions 

I am the Founder & Chief Legal Strategist of spotlegal® the leading online platform, created with speed & efficiency in mind, giving access to highly skilled legal advice and support in a record time, at 100% fixed, transparent & predictable legal costs. 

I hold an LL.M. in International and European Law from Universiteit van Amsterdam, Amsterdam Law School, The Netherlands. 

As a qualified attorney-at-law, I am a member of both the National Association of Romanian Bars (UNBR) and the German Federal Bar (BRAK) and a Certified Information Privacy Professional – Europe (IAPP). 

I do things a “little” bit differently: in partnership with the leadership team! I know how crucial one single piece of strategic legal advice and a wealth of legal operations experience can be for a founder and their team of C-level leaders and what impact these have on the business.  

I will be in your ear, pouring in my expertise and experience! 

Clients Results

“Olivia is an experienced International lawyer who has created and lead the International and Online Legal Team of the Superbet Group over a period of four years.

During this time she assisted in structuring and setting up corporate and investments structures in multiple jurisdictions, taking into account legal, tax and regulatory requirements. She has efficiently coordinated large financing projects for the Superbet Group, supporting the structuring and execution, managing effectively external legal firms globally, monitoring legal and regulatory developments relevant for the business, collaborating closely with all functions of the Group and externally with our lenders, suppliers and stakeholders. In doing so, she has proven solid understanding of banking and finance, private equity and corresponding transactional experience. She was a trusted adviser, with agility and resilience to work in a fast-paced environment related to a growing and global business with demanding needs.”
Be a badass business owner, who invests in the right stuff for their business!

I needed contracts for my corporate and private clients, team members, social media contracts, data protection agreements, website & cookie policies, professional liability insurance. Olivia helped me negotiate with my corporate client and create the right legal processes for my business. She has quickly gained my trust, as my legal advisor and now I and my business are legally protected, and I feel assured that I have competent and trusted legal advice at reach. Working with Olivia is an absolute no-brainer if you are a business owner or corporation, and want peace of mind, security and confidence!
‘Olivia knows how to secure your brand’

Before working with Olivia I struggled with registering a trademark. We applied for registration immediately after the creatives finished the logo and a foreign company challenged our trademark. I thought the whole trademark registration process was too complex and accepted losing some money in the process. After using the trademark representation services of Olivia not only did we not pay any damages, but we also recovered our registration fees. Now I’m so relieved everything worked out and we secured our new log! Hiring Olivia is a must if you are struggling to secure your logo and are ready to succeed in your branding!
‘Olivia can secure your new product launches’

As a marketing manager, before I worked with Olivia I struggled with the originality of the new products we wanted to launch. I was afraid not to jeopardize the success of the launch campaigns and had accepted the risk as normal. After using Olivia’s legal assistance services, I experienced confidence and reliability. Hiring Olivia is so empowering, if you are struggling with securing your new product launches and are ready to have a competitive advantage!


Whether you’re launching or already on a growth pathway, we have a plan to meet you where you are and further you to where you want to be. We have therefore built the three spotlegal® Plans for your Launch, Growth and Scale-up phases. You can easily switch between these phases subject to a 30-day notice and always at the end of a calendar month. Each spotlegal® Plan is built on our own practical experience working with founders and business owners just like you. If you are in between stages, just did a re-branding or are simply unsure which spotlegal® Plan is best for you at any given time, book a call.

  • solopreneurs, business owners or co-founders in a startup
  • offering services B2C or B2C (from consulting, advisory, coaching, training and educational, to social media management, marketing or branding agency, and software or platform as a service, IT& C services) or
  • e-commerce platforms selling products, physical or digital (e.g. fashion, handmade & creative goods, but also digital products, such as courses, educational material, planners, journals, templates, etc.)
  • business leaders building an online and/or multi-channel offer
  • targeting and/or serving customers & clients within the European Union

We offer unlimited legal and business advice, virtual co-working, digital marketing compliance checks, and more for a monthly, predictable investment to support your business growth and ambitious plans.

Additionally, you may add projects, customizations, strategy sessions upon request and subject to our availability and supplementary fees.

Review our options, select the plan that fits your current growth level and schedule a call. You may upgrade or cancel your plan at any time with a 30-day notice, only at the end of a calendar month.

We charge your client account on record on a monthly or yearly basis, using a payment services provider/platform. All payments are automated and we do not store your card payment data. All payments are either month-to-month or year-to-year per your choice. If you are experiencing problems with billing, reach out to us at

No. If you:

  • are unsure whether you’re using the right contract terms, privacy policy or brand protection,
  • are looking for legal advice and support on structuring your assets/companies,
  • experiencing legal challenges such as: “Can I claim to get X results for my clients, when we are launching?” “Can I claim my work is original, when I used templates and inspiration for my offering?” “Can I market this new kind of offer in a conventional or highly-regulated market?”,
  • have a big project coming up, or opportunity and you are nervous about the business terms and legalese in your contract with your future business partner,
  • got a cease and desist or want to send one to someone who is infringing your intellectual property,
  • are threatened by or want to bring a claim in a court of law against someone,

 then these are deemed additional projects and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and a fee quote shall be provided for that specific legal support you require from us. You can start by booking a Consult Call.

We typically onboard new clients at the beginning of a calendar month, subject to availability. Prior to joining, all new clients must clear mandatory law checks. While we would love for everyone to join our spotlegal® Ecosystem, we reserve the right to limit the number of new clients on a spotlegal® Plan to ensure we are able to deliver on our 3Highs.

If a spotlegal® Plan is not available for you at a given time, make sure to access all the free resources available on our platform, join our waitlist at and follow us on social media for news and updates on the legal solutions we bring forward.