Niched Startups Explored – A Candid Discussion with Alexandru Paval

In the ever-evolving landscape of startups, the road to success is often paved with innovative ideas and niche markets. To delve deeper into this fascinating world, lawyer Olivia Marcu Iordanescu has launched a new podcast that explores the intricacies of niche startups. In one of her recent episodes, she sat down with Alexandru Paval, the founder of, for an insightful conversation on the topic, “How Niched Is Your Niched Startup?”

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Meet Alexandru Paval: Alexandru Paval is on a mission to redefine the freelancing landscape in Romania with His platform focuses on the embedded industry, carving a unique niche in the market. As a tech enthusiast with a passion for Linux and extensive experience in the BMS/EV and ADAS domains, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the discussion.

The Podcast: Olivia Marcu Iordanescu’s podcast has quickly gained traction as a go-to resource for startup enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and industry experts. In this particular episode, she and Alexandru dive into the world of niched startups, shedding light on what it takes to thrive in a specialized market.

The Discussion: The conversation kicks off with a fundamental question: “How niched is your niched startup?” Alexandru Paval provides valuable insights into his journey of building His platform, tailored specifically for the embedded industry, has filled a gap in the Romanian freelance market.

One of the key takeaways from their discussion is the importance of domain expertise. Alexandru’s background in BMS/EV and ADAS has played a pivotal role in the success of This emphasizes the significance of not just identifying a niche but also having the knowledge and skills to excel within it.

Furthermore, Alexandru’s love for Linux is evident in his work. He shares that his early experiences with the Android kernel marked his entry into the embedded world. This “first love” has shaped his approach to technology and entrepreneurship.

Looking to the Future: As continues to grow and evolve, Alexandru Paval remains dedicated to serving the embedded industry. His story serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs who are considering venturing into niche markets. His passion, combined with his technical expertise, is a testament to the potential for success within specialized niches.

Olivia Marcu Iordanescu’s podcast provides a platform for such discussions, where innovative thinkers like Alexandru can share their experiences and insights. It’s a reminder that niched startups have the potential to disrupt industries and create meaningful change.

Join the Conversation: If you’re intrigued by the world of niched startups or want to hear more about Alexandru Paval’s journey, be sure to tune in to the podcast episode. The discussion promises to be a valuable resource for anyone looking to explore the potential of niche markets and gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to thrive in them.

About my guest: Alexandru Paval, Founder

I am currently building the only freelancer marketplace in Romania focused on the embedded industry.

I focus on understanding the needs of your company and providing freelancers including but not limited to:
• Software Engineers
• System/Software Architects
• Requirements Engineers
• Project Managers
• Scrum Masters
• Technical Leaders

We have 200+ engineers in our network ready to cover the full development cycle of any embedded product.

I have 9+ years of experience in the Automotive industry, working on both Autosar and non-Autosar projects.

I worked and studied both the Agile and V-Cycle development processes.

On the functional safety side (ISO 26262) I’ve worked with ASIL B and QM projects.

On the Cybersecurity side (ISO 21434) I worked on the technical level – HSM configuration, integration, and bring-up.

On the ASPICE level, I worked on all parts of SWE and some SYS parts, for example:
• Customer requirements analysis
• Software requirements engineering (DOORS)
• Software architecture (in Enterprise Architect and Rhapsody)
• Module design, implementation, and testing

I also have 6+ years of leadership experience:
• Team leading
• Group leading
• Project leading
• Technical leading

My main domain knowledge is BMS/EV and ADAS.

I am also a Linux fan, most of my experience has been on Android kernel, and I can call it my “first love” in the embedded world. I use Linux as my daily OS and I have limited professional experience with QNX.

Best regards,

Alex Paval

Connect with Alex: – 

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