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Introducing Coaching Contracts & Agreements Online Templates from, by International Lawyer Olivia Marcu Iordanescu: Coaching is a distinct profession, setting it apart from personal development, therapy, and other disciplines. With its unique objectives, methodologies, and tools, professional coaching requires a well-defined framework before embarking on any client relationship. Just like any reputable profession, this clarity is conveyed to clients through a comprehensive professional agreement, or initial contract.

Empower your coaching practice with our specialized “Coaching Contracts & Agreements Online Templates,” curated by international lawyer Olivia Marcu Iordanescu. Whether you’re engaging in 1-on-1 sessions, VIP programs, or private intensive programs, our templates provide the foundation you need to foster successful client relationships.

What’s Inside the coaching contract template word:

  • Scope of Services: Define the coaching services you offer and set clear expectations.
  • Parties’ Rights & Obligations: Outline the responsibilities of both parties involved.
  • Fee & Payments: Establish transparent payment terms and structures.
  • Term & Termination: Define the duration of the coaching engagement and the circumstances under which it can be terminated.
  • Representations: Clarify the roles and expectations of both coach and client.
  • Personal Data Privacy: Address data protection concerns and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.
  • Confidential Information: Safeguard sensitive information through confidentiality clauses.
  • Intellectual Property: Address ownership of intellectual property created during the coaching engagement.
  • Indemnity: Establish provisions for indemnification and liability.
  • Disclaimers & Limitation Of Liability: Define the boundaries of your professional responsibilities.
  • Force Majeure: Address unforeseen circumstances and force majeure events.
  • Communication Between The Parties: Specify how communication will be conducted throughout the engagement.

Why Choose Our Coaching Contracts & Agreements Online Templates: These templates are your gateway to professionalism, legal protection, and a successful coaching practice. With “Coaching Contracts & Agreements Online Templates,” you establish the necessary framework to build strong client relationships, grounded in clarity, trust, and legality.

Explore the power of’s “Coaching Contracts & Agreements Online Templates” today. Elevate your coaching practice and ensure your client engagements are built on a solid foundation. Your clients deserve the assurance of a well-defined professional relationship.




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