Technology Consulting Services Agreement

 399’s “Technology Consulting Services Agreement” empowers you to establish a robust foundation for your collaboration. Beyond just a document, you’re cultivating a relationship based on transparency, accountability, and mutual understanding. Experience the power of’s “Technology Consulting Services Agreement” today. Elevate your technical consulting engagements and ensure a journey of success, backed by airtight legal protection. Your business relationships deserve nothing less.

Order today our specialized “Technology Consulting Services Agreement” available exclusively on This essential legal template is designed to provide you with a comprehensive framework that solidifies the terms, expectations, and commitments between you and your technology consultant.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Clarity and Expectations: Establish a crystal-clear understanding of your collaboration. Our template helps define the scope of work, project deadlines, and overall costs, leaving no room for ambiguity.
  2. Professionalism in Writing: Elevate your business interactions by putting everything in writing. A formal agreement lends a professional touch to your technical consulting engagement, fostering trust and accountability.
  3. Tailored to Your Needs: Every consulting project is unique, and our template reflects that. Customize the agreement to match the specifics of your collaboration, ensuring a document that truly represents your arrangement.
  4. Legal Protection: Protect your interests by having your terms documented in a legally sound format. Our agreement is designed to help you navigate potential challenges and disputes smoothly.

If you are an IT&C freelancer / consultant / software developer, you can use this template as a framework agreement for any consultancy work in the technology field you are performing for your clients/companies (B2B). In this template you will find:
– Term
– Parties’ Obligations
– Fees
– Expenses
– Confidential Information
– Data Protection
– Intellectual Property
– Liability & Insurance
– Termination
– Relationship Of The Parties
– And More…

Through the Termination (and other) provisions in this template you will be able to protect the work the independent contractor performs for you also post-termination, under your own defined terms and conditions.




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